10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2015


If you haven’t picked a costume yet — or just want to know what you’ll be seeing a lot of at parties and parades this year — here are top 10 lists from two reliable sources: Google, which tracks the most-searched costumes, and the National Retail Federation, which polls consumers in early September. ( Halloween Costumes 2015)

1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

2. Star Wars

Star Wars

What you need: Pigtails or a jester hat, and dual colors — usually red and black, although this lovely lady chose red and blue. ( Halloween Costumes 2015)

3. Superhero


What you need: Chiseled abs — or the foam to fake it. So many options here! Superman. Iron-Man. The Incredibles. Take your pick and find some Lycra.


4.  Pirate


What you need: Embrace your inner Jack Sparrow for a swarthy-spooky-swashbuckling time. ( Halloween Costumes 2015)

5. Batman


What you need: The mask (duh). And a cape (he’s the Caped Crusader!). Optional:Utility belt. Optional: The abs (see “Superhero” above).



6. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

What you need: Yellow heels, a polka-dot dress and a bow for your hair — er, ears.




What you need: Anything goes. The witch costume is a classic, in part, for its versatility. Go seamlessly from cleaning to trick-or-treating (carry that broom right out the door!). Go old-school with green face paint or a wart. Go low-maintenance by not plucking that chin hair. Pointy hat and striped socks are a plus. ( Halloween Costumes 2015)




9. Joker


What you need: Green hair dye, white face paint and red lipstick for that creepy smile.

10. Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanWhat you need: Gold sweat bands, a red tank top and a royal blue skirt. Or, in some cases, boy shorts. Buy some white star stickers (or, if you’re willing to throw out said skirt or boy shorts, just use White-Out) and you’re in business. ( Halloween Costumes 2015)


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