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100+ Best Romantic and Sweet Love SMS


Sweet Love Messages

  • Your feelings do not compromise, Your feelings do not hurt, Your feelings are all that I need. They wash off all the dirt.
  • Boy:Why haven’t you had a boyfriend yet? Girl:I’m not allowed,Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Boy: Cos you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend yet
  • No Matter How Horrible My Day Was, Talking To You For Even Just One Minute, Makes Everything Seem Perfect. . .
  • Real affection doesn’t come when you speak to a person… It come’s when you think about that person during their absence…
  • Every thing costs sumthing & so does my msg; 4m 2day i hav decided 2 charge for my msgs & d price is. ??YOUR SMILE ?? Hope U will Pay
  • Fresh Nescafe COFFEE specially made for u. Sorry I’ve not added sugar because u are already so sweet
  • I just want you to be happy, even if I’m not the reason behind that happiness.
  • Awesome quote: I wont force myself to have space in ur life…bcoz if u really knw my worth…u’l make one for me.
  • whn sum1 knows every single detail f u….. nt bcz u tld dem… bt bcz dey noticed abt u..
  • sweetest feeling in dis wrld z whn u try 2 luk at ur Loveed 1 in a crowd & u find dat he/she z already luking at u wid a cute smile..!!!!

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