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  • Very cute: A gal n her boy were standing in front of a mirror, The boy asked,”What do you see..? The Gal smiled and said.”The rest of my life”..
  • When i see the monn i will remember your face… When i see your face i will forgot the moon…
  • a loved one is not the person who understands your happiness but is the person who guesses your sadness before your eyes feel it…:
  • Lovely MSG for lovely person, Form lovely “…….” For a lovely reason at a lovely time, From a lovely mind in a lovely mood, In a lovely style, Now give me a lovely “SMILE”
  • loyal & faithful partner can really bring wonders in one’s life.But these kinda species r disappearing frm d face of planet.
  • my sms r few, yet, my heart is true i got many freinds new, but not sweet as u…. I never try to remember u bcoz i never forget u…..
  • Sweetful Things Happen To Sweetful People With Sweetful Hearts In Sweetful Places.I Pray Every Day Add more Sweetness To Ur Sweetful Life…!
  • Dairy milk ne Perk se kaha, duniya me hum sabse sweet hain.. Perk bola, Shayad tumhe nahi pata jo ye sms padh raha hai wo humse bhi zyada sweet hai..
  • Gud relation doesnt need promises any terms or conditions it jus needs 2 wonderful ppl one kool like me n one chweeeeeeeeeet like u
  • CUTE THOUGHT- Being possessive doesn’t mean that ur dear one DOUBTS U!! They just dont want others to use the SWEETNESS of ur character & lose u…

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