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Sweet Love Messages

  • Always Remember, Love is Like Cigar.. it starts with fire.. continue with smoke.. and ends in ashes . ??
  • On the Pages of roses with the ink of Moon light  A pen of Love have written  Only three words for you   I LOVE U ??
  • In the Flower My Rose Is u, In the Diamond My Kohinoor Is u, In the Sky My Moon Is u, I am Only Body My Heart Is u, That’s Why I Always MISS U.
  • When things go wrong When sadness fills ur heart  when tears flow in ur eyes  always remember 3 things 1) I’m with u  2) Still with u  3) Will ALWAYS b
  • L.I.C.K. means : C= cant live without u L= love u I= i miss u C= care about u K= kiss from my heart 2 u So whenever u miss me just say CLICK. I Love You From the Heart.
  • Kuch rishtay anjanay mein hi ho jatay hain, Pehle dil phir zindagi say jur jatay hain, Kehtay hain us daur ko pyaar, Jisme log zindagi say bhi pyare ho jatay hain
  • Khushi ke aansu rukne na dena, gam ke aansu bahne na dena, yeh zindagi na jane kab ruk jayegi, magar ye pyari si relationsip kabhi tutne na dena

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