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Sweet Love Messages

  • Girl and boy praying together ? Girl prays — GOD please fulfill all his wishes and Boy prays — GOD U don’t have to worry,I am still alive to fulfill all her wishes
  • There are 6 billion people around the World. I don’t know why I’m messaging u ? Maybe bcoz 5,999,999,999 Can’t replace a single U.
  • I Am Not Famous in This World, But I Am Famous in Someone’s Heart. That’s All That Matters To Me! ?
  • I have always tried to live in the present, but for whatever reason i can’t help but imagine my future with you in it.
  • If Someone In Your Life Makes You Forget Your Past That Someone Is Surely Your Future.. ?
  • When the Days seem longer than you can handle, Look at me and I will be your candle.. In a dark world filled with hate, I’ll be with you till the end of fate !!

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