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Sweet Love Messages

  • Whats Sweeter: Sms or Miss Call. Ans: Miss call, Becoz it shows someone is terribly missing u that He or She is Wordless to say or write.
  • 2 minute k liye Moun rakho un Machharo ki atma ki shanti k liye, jo kal rat apko katne k bad Diabetis se mar gye. Bcoz “UR” So_So_So_$weet
  • When I Give You My Time, I’m Giving You A Portion Of My Life That I Will Never Get Back. . . So Don’t Waste It
  • Distance means so little when someone means so much. And you mean so much to me!
  • Time can make u forget some memories but…there r some memories which make u forget time and those memories make life very sweet.
  • Underneath D moon, underneath D stars Here’s a sweet heart just 4 U Up above D world, up above it all Here’s a hand to hold UR Hand At Heart all True
  • Judge: tum teesri bar adalat men ay ho, Tum ko sharam nai ati? Sardar: Oh janab tusi roz andy o, tUwanu te dub k mar jana chahi da A .
  • Lots of things go unquestioned; lots of things go Unanswered, few words go unsaid, few go unheard, and some dreams are born dead, Some are buried alive. That’s life.

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