Love SMS 

180+ Most Helpful Flirty Sms to Connect With Your Love


Flirty Love Text Messages

  • Star + Moon = romanticNight Bird + Sky = Luvly Day Forest + Animal = Refreshing U + Ur Smile = BHAAGO BHUT AAYA
  • Sharab Bani To Maikhane bane… Husn Bana to Deewane bane… Kuch to baat hai aapme, Yu hi nahi Pagal khane bane..
  • No matter how high the sky is, How deep the ocean is, How strong the wind is, How wide the river is, I just want to tell YOU…. They’re none of YOUR BUSINESS!!
  • Sometimes my mind asks.. Why I miss you? Why I care for you? Why I remember You?.. Then my Heart answered it’s simple… BEACUSE FOOL NEEDS MORE CARE! ( Flirty SMS )
  • U picked me up,U took me home,U put ur hands around my waist,U took off my top,then U put ur lips om mine. THANK GOD im a bottle of PEPSI
  • Mistakes are not crime,If u can rectify those mistakes they are the key to success…For example GOD created U so what?Then he created Me…. ( Flirty SMS )
  • If ever un ur life u feel sad and lonely and feel that u have lost everything,Ill come hold ur hand take u for a walk on a bridge and show u where to jump from….
  • Winter comes again n again, Summer comes again n again, But the person like you will not come again, Because GOD never makes the same mistake again n again….
  • 3 tips to break a mirror: 1. Throw stone on mirror…. 2. Take mirror and just drop it…. 3. U just go and stand before the mirror & SMILE. . .
  • I want to suck you… lick you… wanna move my tongue all over you…wanna feel you in my mouth…yep, tat’s how u…eat an ice cream! ( Flirty SMS )

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