Love SMS 

180+ Most Helpful Flirty Sms to Connect With Your Love


Flirty Love Text Messages

  • Today, tommorow and yesterday there will be one heart that would always beat for you You know Whose??? your Own Stupid!!!
  • when u r alone… when ur crying….. when ur upset…. when ur sad…… just make a call to me….becoz incoming is free for me…
  • If god comes and asks for a wish,” Bill-Gates may ask,’I want to be the master of IT forever. Aishwarya may ask,’No other girl in the coming generations shouldn’t be more beautiful than me.’But I will ask to keep u healthy always and attack me instead.”I LOVE U SOOO MUCH”
  • Good looks catch the eyes, but Good Personality catches the heart. You are blessed with both! FLATTERED??? Don’t Be!!! It was sent to ME, and I just wanted you to read it…
  • Open My Heart Get Inside If You Found SomeElse Inside My Heart Just Say Hi And Sit Down With Him
  • A Rose alwyas Rose whether it is in golden pot or in dustbin. Same way U R alwyas my friend Wheter U R in Central Jail Or in Mental Hospital…
  • Sincer Apology; if u don’t like to any of my SMS & dont like to read, then plz don’t hesitate, feel free to…… THROW Ur MOBILE!! Â
  • Good news fom U Rent free accomondation (Khana, Peena, Peena, Sona, Rehana…. Sab Free) For more details Just dail 100.
  • Earth may stop Rotating,   Birds may stop Flying,   Candles may stop Melting,   Fishes may stop Swimming,   Heart may stop Beating,   But your Brain will   never start working!
  • My friend, the best quality  that I like about u is that,  U R very sentimental ….  10% Senti and 90% Mental..
  • Birds love you,  monkeys love you,  hippos love you,  snakes love you,  tortoise love you,  giraffe loves you…..  Please go back to ZOO,  they all really miss you!

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