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I Love You Messages

  1. The Cutest Proposal From A Cute Girl To A Boy Girl:- Hey I Have Lost My Surname Can I Use Urs
  2. I Love Ur Eyes, I Love Ur Smile, I Cherish Ur Ways, I Adore Ur Style. What Can I Say, Ur 1 Of A Kind And 24/7 Ur On My Mind!
  3. Love + Care = Mom Love + Fear = Father Love + Help = Sister Love + Fight = Brother Love + Life = Wife / Husband Love+fear+help+fight+life = Friend……….
  4. If You Don’t Respond To This Message Within The Next 10 Minutes Of Which 5 For You To Get The Message And 5 More Till You Respond To It, You Own Me A Thousand K…
  5. It Is Scientifically Proved That Suger Can Dissolve In Water,so Please Dont Go Outside When It Is Raining, Cause You Are The Sweetest In The Whole World….
  6. Kiss Me, My Lips Are On Fire. And You, My Friend Are The Object Of My Secret Desire.

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