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I Love You Messages

  1. The Beauty Of The World Has Two Edges, One Of Laughter, One Of Anguish, Cutting The Heart Asunder.
  2. My Heart Is Like An Open Book It Depends On How You Read Me Dont Judge Me By My Cover Look Inside Discover I Will Be Ur True Friend 4ever
  3. A Short Thing Its Get Longer As U Hold It Pass Between Womans Br**st Enters Into A Small Hole What Is It? Ans. Cars Seat Beltu Dirty Min……
  4. Maybe I Dnt Rily Knw U Wel, I Dnt Knw How U Exactly Act But.. Those Things Wil Not Kip Me Away From U.. Coz Those R The Reasons Y I’m Here.. To Know U …
  5. I Love My Eyes When U Look At Them, I Love My Name When U Say It, I Love My Heart When U Love It, I Love My Life When U R In It …
  6. I’m Not The Same Since I Met U, The Days Turned Longer The Nights Turned Colder And U Will Always Have A Special Place In My Heart Just For You. I Love You

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