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I Love You Messages

  1. If A Kiss Was A Drop Of Water, Id Send U The Sea. If A Hug And Cuddle Was A Leaf, Id Send U A Tree. And If Love Was Forever, Id Give U Eternity….
  2. Thats You My Friend F: Field Of Love!.. R: Root Ofjoy!.. I: Island Of God!.. E: End Of Sorrow!.. N: Name Of Hope!.. D: Door Of Understanding! Dats You My Friend…
  3. Ques: What Is The Difference Between My Smile And Your Smile? Ans: You Smile When You Are Happy And I Smile When You R Happy…….
  4. You Must Be A Good Runner Because You Are Always Running In My Mind, You Must Be A Good Thief Because You Have Stolen My Heart, And I Am Always A Bad Shooter B…
  5. Boy Proposed A Girl, She Rejected. He Was Not Sad Friends Asked Y U Don’t Feel? Boy- Y Should I Feel? I Lost 1 Who Never Loved Me ! She Lost 1 Who Really…
  6. Give Me A Hug, Give Me The World, Give Me Your Heart And I’ll Be Your Girl, Give Me Your Smile, Give Me Your Time, Give Me Your Love And I’ll Give You Mine….
  7. Friendship Is A Promise Made In Heart..silently, Unwritten, Unbreakable By Distance, Unchangeabley Time.always U Are My Lovely Friend.
  8. I Never Xpect Others To Remember Me But I’ll Always Drop My Msgs….. Into Their Inbox To Show That….. I Still Love To Remember Them…
  9. I Wanted To Put Something Incredibly Beautiful, Sweet, Cute, Nice, Sensitive, E****c And Funny On You Screen, But Unfortunately, I Do Not Fit On It….

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