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  1. You Know The Feeling Where You Don’t Like Him Yet But You Think He’s More Than Just A Guy That’s Cute?
  2. She Will Chase You Around For A While But There’s Going To Be A Day When She’s Gonna Stop Running Incircles Around You. She’s Going To Get Over You And At That…
  3. I’ve Written On All Bricks Of Wall I Miss U I Want One Brick To Fall On Your Head So That U Can Understand How Much It Hurts When I Miss U.
  4. A Smile Is The Best Lighting System Of The Face, The Best Cooling System Of The Head, And The Best Warming System Of The Heart. Keep Smiling!
  5. This Is A Moon Which Learns From You, That Is A Sun Which Respects You, There Are Stars Which Shine For You, And Here, Its Me Who Live For You….
  6. Its Just Something That Happens As We Age Up, We Realize That It’s Nonsense To Flirt With Anybody. Whats Important Is To Have Someone For Real.
  7. Love Has No Desire But To Fulfill Itself. To Melt And Be Like A Running Brook That Sings Its Melody To The Night. To Wake At Dawn With A Winged Heart And Give T…
  8. Love Is Special, Love Is Rare. Love Is Made 4 Two 2 Share. Love Is Gentle, Love Is Blind, Love Begins Wen 2 Hearts Combine!
  9. My Advice Is To Marry Your Best Friend. Against All Logic, Distance Or Difficulty, Marry The Person You Know Will Never Let You Down, Because They Never Hav…
  10. Sweet As A Rose Bud Bright As A Star Cute As A Kitten Thats What U Are.bundles Of Joy Sunshine And Fun You Are Everything I Love All Rolled Into 1…
  11. I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U Dont Be So Confused, I Love Other Alphabets Too:p,q
  12. Love Deeply N Forgive Quickly Take Chances, Give Everything Have No Regrets Cause Life Is Too Short 2 B Unhappy
  13. The Best And Last Sentence Ever Said By Romeo-: Love Is Not Made By The Time. Its Made With The Person With Whom The Time Is Spent……….

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