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I Love You Messages

  1. I Can’t Find A Reason Why Life Introduced Me To You…. But Thats Not The Question, Question Is How Life Knew That I Needed A Friend Like You……
  2. Friendship Is A Promise Made In Heart..silently, Unwritten, Unbreakable By Distance, Unchangeabley Time.always U Are My Lovely Friend.
  3. You May Love Someone For What He Has, For Who Is He, And For What He Can Be. But If You Love Someone But Cant Explain Why Then Thats What We Call True Love….
  4. One Day I Leave This World And Never Come Back My Parents N Family My Luv N My Friends Will Cry To See Me Dead My Friends Will Miss Me When They Sit Together,b…
  5. Friendship Is A Mirror Feeling Is A Painting – Never Spoil It, Face Is A Book – Try To Read It, Love Is Precious – Dont Miss It Friendship Is A Mirror – Never …
  6. I Don’t Want To Say I Miss You, Though Deep Inside I Do, Coz I’m Afraid You Might See Thru And Know How Much Fear I Have Of Losing Someone Like You..
  7. Every Time We Embrace, I Go To That Far Away Place When We Just Walk Hand In Hand. Im In Never, Never Land.
  8. Love Is Giving Somebody The Ability To Destroy You , But Trusting Them Not To .
  9. I Love Everything About You And The Love You Show For Me I Know Deep Inside My Heart, That We Will Always Be The Only Way I Can Explain This Love Is With Everyt…

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