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I Love You Messages

  1. Best Way To Propose2 A Girl. Take Her To Sea, Say Her To Sit In A Boat. Then Take The Boat In The Middle Of Sea. Then Say Marry Me Or Leave My Boat….
  2. If You Open This You Will Get An Unexpected Long Kiss On Valentines Day, But If You Fail To Send This To 8 People You Will Lose The One Who Is Falling In Love …
  3. Every Life In This World Was Painted By Gods Own Hands. I Am Thank Full To Him Because When He Painted My Life…. He Included One Lovely Friend Like U…
  4. Talk Is Cheap, Trust Movement. Life Happens At The Level Of Events Not Of Words. Faith Without Working Isnt Effective. Lets Go!
  5. Boy:i Am Not Rich Like Rohit, I Don’t Even Have A Big Car Like Rohit. But I Really Love You! Girl: I Love You Too, But Tell Me More About Rohit… :p
  6. It Is Not Being In Love That Makes Me Happy… But Is Being In Love With You That Makes Me Happy.
  7. Day Night Only Your Thought, Other Than You No One In My Heart, You Are My Angel That Is A Fact, You Have Became Beat Of My Heart, Love You Still My Soul Will …
  8. A Girl Who Cares 4 Her Guy Like A Child And A Guy Who Respect His Girl Like His Mom R D 1ly Kind Of People Whose Love Will B D Purest D Most Sincere One…..
  9. Some People Say Happiness Is Life. Others Say Its Freedom And Some Say Its Money, But Happiness For Me Is Just Having The Opportunity To Know U..!! Fro…
  10. Something In Your Smiles Speaks To Me, Something In Your Voice Sings To Me, Something In Your Eyes Says To Me, That You Are Dearest To Me..
  11. My Definition Of Love… Is Different From The Book My Definition Of Love Is More Than Just A Look Love Is More Than A Word More Than A Song, More Than A Note…
  12. Behind Every Successful Luv There Is A Friendship. . . But . . Behind Every Separated Friendship There Is A Love.. 🙂
  13. Girl: Do You Like Me. Boy: No. Girl: What! I Mean …why Not? Boy: Think About It For A Second. Girl: So There’s Another Girl ? Boy: No Sweety ! I Love You…….

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