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200+ I Love You SMS And Sayings


I Love You Messages

  1. When Things Go Wrong When Sadness Fills Ur Heart When Tears Flow In Ur Eyes Always Remember 3 Things God, Ur Parents My Best Wishes
  2. A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.
  3. Love Your Love So Much That U Dont Ve 2 Ask With Whom U Were? N Trust Ur Frnd Dat Much That U Dont Ve 2 Tell Dont Tell Dis 2 Any1…
  4. I Chased Love I Found Friendship,i Chased Desires I Found Hopes, I Chased Reality I Found Dreams, I Chased A Monkey And I Found You.
  5. Hi, Keep Messaging Me And Win Exciting Prizes, 1st-lots Of Love, 2nd-life Time Friendship, 3rd-free Stay In My Heart, Offer Valid Till I M Alive…
  6. It’s Hard To Say Hello Because It Might Be Goodbye. It’s Hard To Say I’m Okay Because Sometimes I’m Not. But It’s Easy To Say I Miss You Coz I Know That I Rea…
  7. …a Person You Love Is An Extension Of Yourself. Without It, You’re Not Complete So Better Take Care Of Yourself Because I Don’t Want To Lose A Part Of Me….
  8. If U Wanna Know How Much I Miss U, Try To Catch Rain Drops, The Ones U Catch Is How Much U Miss Me, And The Ones U Miss Is How Much I M Is….
  9. You Are My Dream … Only My Dream … I Want To Draw In Viltoarea Passion, You String So Hard You And Me Incitement To Become One Soul. – Cuvintelc Not Reach M…
  10. If A Is 1 B Is 2 C Is 3 Z Is 26 Then L+o+v+e=54 And F+r+i+e+n+d+s+h+i+p=108. Interesting Hai Naa… Friendship Is 2 Stronger Than Love……
  11. True Friends Are Like Mornings, U Cant Have Them The Whole Day, But U Can Be Sure, They Will Be There When U Wakeup Tomorrow, Next Year And Forever.
  12. Girl – I Love U Dear! Will U Marry Me?? Boy – Different Style Se Propose Kar Na!! Girl – Teri Laash Ko Aag Lagane Ka Chance Mere Bete Ko Dega Kya?? :p :d
  13. Boy. Hey You Girl. Who Me Boy. Yeah You Listen. Being Emo Doesnt Mean I Dont Have A Heart, It Means I Have A Heart But I Dont Want It Becuse There Is No On…
  14. There Are Many Stars But Moon Is U. There Are Many Friends But Best Is U. You 4get Me It Up To U. But I 4get U It Will Never Do.

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