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200+ I Love You SMS And Sayings


I Love You Messages

  1. True Love Is Like A Pillow You Can Hug It When You’re In Trouble You Can Cry On It When You’re In Pain You Can Embrace It When You’re Happy So When You Need Tru…
  2. God Saw You Hungry, He Created Mcdonald He Saw You Thirsty, He Created Coke He Saw You In Dark, He Created Philips He Saw You Without A Cute Friend, He Created …
  3. Love Is What I See In, Your Smile Every Day. Love Is What I Feel In, Every Touch You Give. Love Is What I Hear In, Every Word You Say. Love Is What We Share Eve…
  4. The Sweetest Sentence Ever Said By Some One In Love: Im Jealous Of The People Who Ever Hugged You, Because For A Moment They Hold My Whole World!
  5. Teacher Are Hot Water,parents Are Mineral Water,enemies Are Salt Water ,lovers Are Ice Water But Friends Are Daru Ki Bottle
  6. Evrybdy Says Love Is Pain.bcz Dey All Love D Lover Not The Love!if U R In True Love,u Can Undrstand The Diffrence !!!
  7. Accidents Do Happen.i Slip- I Trip- I Stumble- I Fall Usually I Don’t Care At All… But Now I Don’t Know What To Do Coz I Slipped And Fell In Love With U….
  8. Love: Is’nt Abt Expressin Wid Heavy Words.its Abt Undrstndin,a Gentl Touch A Pure Heart Friendship: Is 2 Laugh At The Philosophical Sentnce Above !!!…
  9. I Looked At A Sweet, Beautiful Rose, And Then I Looked At You, And I Kept Looking At You, For The Rose Isnt As Beautiful As You.
  10. I’m Going To Write On All The Bricks I Miss U And I Wish That One Falls On Ur Head,so That U Knows How It Hurts When U Miss Someone Special Like U.

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