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I Love You Messages

  1. Cause I’m Never Gonna Walk Away If The Walls Come Down Some Day All Alone And U Feel Afraid Be There When U Call My Name U Can Always Depend On Me I Belive Unti..
  2. A Doctor Can Save My Life. A Lawyer Can Defend My Life. A Soldier Can Give Me A Peaceful Life. But Only You Can Give Me A Meaningful Life.
  3. To Make It Straight, She Pulls It. 2 Make It Stand, She Rubs It. 2 Make It Stiff, She Licks It. 2 Let It In She Pushes It. !!!! True! Threading A Needle Is Not …
  4. A Candle May Melt And Its Fire May Die, But The Love You Have Given Me Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart.
  5. ‘everyone Has A Best Friends During Each Stages Of Life….. But Only Lucky Ones Have The Same Friends In All Stages Of Life”
  6. Love Is A Diary That Only 1 Person Writes But Friendship Is A Public Book Where U Study In Library.so What Do U Prefer? A Diary Or A Public Book…

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