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Romantic Love Messages

    • He Was Mine But Not Really.. I Never Really Had Him So I Never Really Lost Him.. I Guess This Is How We’ll Always Be.. I Had Him He Had Me But Then Again, Th…
    • When Got To Work This Morning The Sky Was So Dark And Gloomy And I Felt So Lost And Then You Showed Up And The Sky Got Bright And My Heart Raced With Love Thank…
    • I Would Never Be Tired Of You Even If I Am With You All Day Long. In Fact I Grow To Like You A Little More Every Day. I Love You.
    • True Friends Are Those Who Care Without Hesitations, Remember Without Limitation, And Love Even Without Communication.
    • Love Is Fire That Burns Unseen. Di Wound And Feel.
    • They Say It Takes A Minute 2 Fine A Special Person, An Hour 2 Appreciate Them, A Day 2 Love Them, But Then An Entire Life 2 Forget Them.
    •  “life Isn’t Counted By The Number Of Breaths You Take, It’s Counted By The Number Of Times Your Breath Is Taken Away” You’re Breathtaking
    • Depression Is Not A Sign Of Weakness, It Is Just A Sign That We Have Been Strong For Too Long.
    • Old Love Story: Start From Eyes Grow With Gifts End Ith Death New Love Story: Start From Mobile Gro With Sms End With Sim Change..
    • Tears Can Sometimes Be More Special Than Smiles… For Smiles Can Be Given To Any One… But Tears Are Only Shed For People We Love! Happy Valentine’s Day !…
    • Been All Through The Pain, The Hurts And The Cries.. My Life Has Been In Its Worst Moments.. But Now That I Have You, It Changed Everything.. Finally I’m Happy,…

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