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Romantic Love Messages

    • I Think You Are A Very Careless. You Come And Leave Things Behind. See Now What You Have Left You Just Came Into My Mind And Left A Smile On My Face.
    • Love Is Like A Bird. U Hold It Tightlt Lt Dies, U Hold It Lightly ,it Flies U Hold It Nicely, It S***s On U, So Forget Love Just Flirt…
    • What’s The Difference Between Love, True Love And Showing Off? Spitting, Swallowing And Gargling..
    • Not Love Either Friendship Can Cross The Path Of Our Destiny Without Leaving Some Noticeable Mark On It Forever.
    • Heart Can Skip Beats 4 A While Memories Can Be Kept In A File A Desert Can Replace The Nile .. But… Nothing Can Stop A Smile When Ur Name Appears On My Mobile…
    • As I Feel The Tear Go Down My Cheek, I Notice That My Heart Is Weak,for The Love I Have For You, Will Always Be Gold And True,i Have Made Some Mistakes, They Re…
    • Sometimes I Love You, Sometimes You Make Me Blue, Sometimes I Feel Good, At Times I Feel Used. Loving You Darling Makes Me So Confused.
    • Once Upon Time Something Happened 2 Was The Sweetest Thig,that Ever Could Be,it Was A Fantasy,a Dream Come True,it Was The Day :x:x I Met You:x:x
    • Never Dance Nak3d Because The Body Has Parts That . . .. Do Not Stop Moving When The Music Stops.
    • All The People In The World Says That Friendship Is Greater Than Love. But Nobody Knows That Friendship Means Loving Someone…

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