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Romantic Love Messages

  • Kiss Me, My Lips Are On Fire. And You, My Friend Are The Object Of My Secret Desire.
  • Nobody Likes U, Nobody Cares 4 U, Nobody Misses U, Nobody Wants To See U Good, Nobody Is Ur Best Frnd, Nobody Is Happy With U….dont Cry… Name Is Nobody
  • A Boy Proposed A Girl N She Rejected. He Was Not Sad. Fri Asked-y U R Not Sad? Boy-y Should I B Sad.i Lost 1 Who Never Loved Me.she Lost 1 Who Really Loved Her….
  • Live… Love… Laugh Do Each Everyday And Smile And Hug The People In Your Life, Let Them Know You Care And That You Love Them
  • Tragedies Of Girl’s Life: Good Looking Boys Are Not Good Boys Good Boys Are Not Good Looking — Good Looking And Good Boys Are Married . Good Single Boys Wit…
  • When I Close My Eyes Before Sleeping I Watch U In The Dark, When Im Sleeping I Watch U In My Dreams, When I Open My Eyes I Found U Before My Eyes..and Then I St…
  • I Wish My Eyes Could Speak What My Heart Feels For You, Cause My Lips Can Lie On What Is True, But My Eyes Couldn’t Cause Even If I Close Them I Could Still S…
  • A Person Living In Another Person’s Heart Is Called Love But A Person Living As Another Person’s Heart Is Called Friendship.
  • He Was Mine But Not Really.. I Never Really Had Him So I Never Really Lost Him.. I Guess This Is How We’ll Always Be.. I Had Him He Had Me But Then Again, Th…
  • Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life The Greatest Loss Is When Relationships Die In Us When We Are Alive
  • Dard Ki Bajar Bhari Padi H Woh Chiz N Lo Jo Andar Se Jali Pdi H Wafa Ke Talash Chhod Do Ndan Ye Duniya Bewfai Se Bhari Padi H

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