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400+ Most Romantic Love SMS to Send Someone Special


Romantic Love Messages

    • Girl: Its Snowing Boy: Yea So?!.. Girl: Lets Go Out And Lets Make Snow Angels Boy: But, Babe Your Already An Angel…
    • Be My Valentine, My Love, As I Will Be For You, And We Will Love The Whole Day Long, And Love Our Whole Lives Through Happy Valentines Day.
    • Hum Bhi Mohabbat Karke Gunehgar Ho Gaye Pehle Phool The Abk Khak Ho Gaye, Jab Se Dekha Hai Tumhare Hasin Chehre Ko, Hum Bhi Tumhari Chahat K Talabgar Ho Gaye….
    • I Feel Something In My Heart, It’s Like A Little Flame, Every Time I See You, This Flame Lights Up, This Flame Is Special For You, Because I Love You!.
    • A Very True Thought: Whneva I Wanna Fall In Lov With My Books, My …bed Falls In Love With Meee:ppp
    • Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.
    • Love Is Possible Even After Friendship But Friendship Is Not Possible After Love Because Medicines Work Before Death And Not After Death….
    • My Definition Of Love… Is Different From The Book My Definition Of Love Is More Than Just A Look Love Is More Than A Word More Than A Song, More Than A Note…
    • When You Are Hurt By The Person Whom You Love.. Do Fight Wit Them.. Cuz Sumtyms These Fights Saves A Relation.. But Bein Quiet Leaves Nothin In A Relation…..
    • Letting Go Doesn’t Mean Giving Up, But Rather Accepting That There Are Things That Cannot Be.
    • As Long As We Have Memories, Yesterday Remains As Long As We Have Hope, Tomorrow Awaits. As Long As We Have Friendship, Each Day Is Never A Waste….
    • S*x Without Love Is An Empty Experience, But, As Empty Experiences Go, It’s One Of The Best In The World.
    • There Are Tulips In My Garden,there Are Tulips In The Park.but Nothing Is More Be Beautiful Then Our Two Lips Meeting In The Dark!
    • When You Truly Care For Someone Their Mistakes Never Change Our Feelings Because Its The Mind That Gets Angry But The Heart Still Loves Them
    • When You Hate Someone You Will Try To Win Every Happiness Which Belongs To That Person. But When You Love Someone , You Will Sacrifice Everything To Win Just Th…

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