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Romantic Love Messages

    • Friendship Is A Promise Made In Heart..silently, Unwritten, Unbreakable By Distance, Unchangeabley Time.always U Are My Lovely Friend.
    • I Never Xpect Others To Remember Me But I’ll Always Drop My Msgs….. Into Their Inbox To Show That….. I Still Love To Remember Them…
    • I Wanted To Put Something Incredibly Beautiful, Sweet, Cute, Nice, Sensitive, E****c And Funny On You Screen, But Unfortunately, I Do Not Fit On It….
    • You Know The Feeling Where You Don’t Like Him Yet But You Think He’s More Than Just A Guy That’s Cute?
    • She Will Chase You Around For A While But There’s Going To Be A Day When She’s Gonna Stop Running Incircles Around You. She’s Going To Get Over You And At That…
    • I’ve Written On All Bricks Of Wall I Miss U I Want One Brick To Fall On Your Head So That U Can Understand How Much It Hurts When I Miss U.
    • A Smile Is The Best Lighting System Of The Face, The Best Cooling System Of The Head, And The Best Warming System Of The Heart. Keep Smiling!
    • This Is A Moon Which Learns From You, That Is A Sun Which Respects You, There Are Stars Which Shine For You, And Here, Its Me Who Live For You….
    • Its Just Something That Happens As We Age Up, We Realize That It’s Nonsense To Flirt With Anybody. Whats Important Is To Have Someone For Real.
    • Love Has No Desire But To Fulfill Itself. To Melt And Be Like A Running Brook That Sings Its Melody To The Night. To Wake At Dawn With A Winged Heart And Give T…
    • Love Is Special, Love Is Rare. Love Is Made 4 Two 2 Share. Love Is Gentle, Love Is Blind, Love Begins Wen 2 Hearts Combine!
    • My Advice Is To Marry Your Best Friend. Against All Logic, Distance Or Difficulty, Marry The Person You Know Will Never Let You Down, Because They Never Hav…
    • Sweet As A Rose Bud Bright As A Star Cute As A Kitten Thats What U Are.bundles Of Joy Sunshine And Fun You Are Everything I Love All Rolled Into 1…
    • I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U I Love U Dont Be So Confused, I Love Other Alphabets Too:p,q

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