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Romantic Love Messages

    • Best Way To Propose2 A Girl. Take Her To Sea, Say Her To Sit In A Boat. Then Take The Boat In The Middle Of Sea. Then Say Marry Me Or Leave My Boat….
    • If You Open This You Will Get An Unexpected Long Kiss On Valentines Day, But If You Fail To Send This To 8 People You Will Lose The One Who Is Falling In Love …
    • Every Life In This World Was Painted By Gods Own Hands. I Am Thank Full To Him Because When He Painted My Life…. He Included One Lovely Friend Like U…
    • Talk Is Cheap, Trust Movement. Life Happens At The Level Of Events Not Of Words. Faith Without Working Isnt Effective. Lets Go!
    • Boy:i Am Not Rich Like Rohit, I Don’t Even Have A Big Car Like Rohit. But I Really Love You! Girl: I Love You Too, But Tell Me More About Rohit… :p
    • It Is Not Being In Love That Makes Me Happy… But Is Being In Love With You That Makes Me Happy.
    • Day Night Only Your Thought, Other Than You No One In My Heart, You Are My Angel That Is A Fact, You Have Became Beat Of My Heart, Love You Still My Soul Will …
    • A Girl Who Cares 4 Her Guy Like A Child And A Guy Who Respect His Girl Like His Mom R D 1ly Kind Of People Whose Love Will B D Purest D Most Sincere One…..
    • Some People Say Happiness Is Life. Others Say Its Freedom And Some Say Its Money, But Happiness For Me Is Just Having The Opportunity To Know U..!! Fro…
    • Something In Your Smiles Speaks To Me, Something In Your Voice Sings To Me, Something In Your Eyes Says To Me, That You Are Dearest To Me..
    • My Definition Of Love… Is Different From The Book My Definition Of Love Is More Than Just A Look Love Is More Than A Word More Than A Song, More Than A Note…

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