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Romantic Love Messages

    • Behind Every Successful Luv There Is A Friendship. . . But . . Behind Every Separated Friendship There Is A Love.. 🙂
    • Girl: Do You Like Me. Boy: No. Girl: What! I Mean …why Not? Boy: Think About It For A Second. Girl: So There’s Another Girl ? Boy: No Sweety ! I Love You…….
    • When Things Go Wrong When Sadness Fills Ur Heart When Tears Flow In Ur Eyes Always Remember 3 Things God, Ur Parents My Best Wishes
    • A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.
    • Love Your Love So Much That U Dont Ve 2 Ask With Whom U Were? N Trust Ur Frnd Dat Much That U Dont Ve 2 Tell Dont Tell Dis 2 Any1…
    • I Chased Love I Found Friendship,i Chased Desires I Found Hopes, I Chased Reality I Found Dreams, I Chased A Monkey And I Found You.
    • Hi, Keep Messaging Me And Win Exciting Prizes, 1st-lots Of Love, 2nd-life Time Friendship, 3rd-free Stay In My Heart, Offer Valid Till I M Alive…
    • It’s Hard To Say Hello Because It Might Be Goodbye. It’s Hard To Say I’m Okay Because Sometimes I’m Not. But It’s Easy To Say I Miss You Coz I Know That I Rea…
    • …a Person You Love Is An Extension Of Yourself. Without It, You’re Not Complete So Better Take Care Of Yourself Because I Don’t Want To Lose A Part Of Me….
    • If U Wanna Know How Much I Miss U, Try To Catch Rain Drops, The Ones U Catch Is How Much U Miss Me, And The Ones U Miss Is How Much I M Is….
    • You Are My Dream … Only My Dream … I Want To Draw In Viltoarea Passion, You String So Hard You And Me Incitement To Become One Soul. – Cuvintelc Not Reach M…
    • If A Is 1 B Is 2 C Is 3 Z Is 26 Then L+o+v+e=54 And F+r+i+e+n+d+s+h+i+p=108. Interesting Hai Naa… Friendship Is 2 Stronger Than Love……
    • What Is Love? Love Is When Someone Breaks Your Heart And The Most Amazing Thing Is That U Still Love The Person With Each Broken Piece….

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