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Romantic Love Text Messages

    • Tere Bina Hum Jeena Bhool Jaate Hain… Zakhmon Ko Seena Bhool Jate Hain..tu Zindagi Main Sabse Azeez Hai Hamain.. Tujhse Har Bar Yeh Kehna Bhool Jaate Hain….
    • It’s Hard To Say Hello Because It Might Be Goodbye. It’s Hard To Say I’m Okay Because Sometimes I’m Not. But It’s Easy To Say I Miss You Coz I Know That I Rea…
    • In The Morning I Do Not Eat Because I Think Of You, At Noon I Do Not Eat Because I Think Of You, In The Evening I Do Not Eat Because I Think Of You, At Night …
    • Feel Good For Those Who Love You… Feel Better For Those Who Miss You…. But Feel The Best For Those Who Never Forget You….!!!! Like Me………
    • Girls Are Like Phones, They Like To Be Held And Talk. But If You Push The Wrong Buttons, You Are Disconnected..
    • I Got A X-ray 2 Day And They Found U In My Heart. The Doctor Said If They Took U Out I Would Die Coz I Could Not Live Without U
    • I Can Nvr Let My Heart Break,if It Beats 4u,i Can Nvr Let My Smile Fade, If It Smiles 4u.i Can Nvr Let My Love End, If Its 4u..
    • Accident Do Happen… I Slip, I Trip, I Stumble, I Fall, N Usually I Dnt Care At All But Now I Dnt Knw Wot 2 Do Coz, I Slipped N Fell In Love Wid U…….

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