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400+ Most Romantic Love SMS to Send Someone Special

  • Without Love — Dayz Are Sadday, Moanday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Frightday, Shatterday… So Be In Luv Everyday… Wish U A Happy Valent…
  • I Wish I Was A Teddy Bear, That Lay Upon Your Bed, So Everytime You Cuddled It, You Cuddled Me Instead..for You
  • You Know The Feeling Where You Don’t Like Him Yet But You Think He’s More Than Just A Guy That’s Cute?
  • I Can Forgive You For Hurting Me, But I Can Never Forget!! U…
  • True Friends Are Like Mornings, U Cant Have Them The Whole Day, But U Can Be Sure, They Will Be There When U Wakeup Tomorrow, Next Year And Forever.
  • Girl – I Love U Dear! Will U Marry Me?? Boy – Different Style Se Propose Kar Na!! Girl – Teri Laash Ko Aag Lagane Ka Chance Mere Bete Ko Dega Kya?? :p :d
  • Boy. Hey You Girl. Who Me Boy. Yeah You Listen. Being Emo Doesnt Mean I Dont Have A Heart, It Means I Have A Heart But I Dont Want It Becuse There Is No On…
  • There Are Many Stars But Moon Is U. There Are Many Friends But Best Is U. You 4get Me It Up To U. But I 4get U It Will Never Do.
  • The World Is Like An Institute, Someone Enter To Learn Someone Enter To Earn, But.. .,, Someone Born To Love… Like We Have…!!!…
  • Never Ask 4 A Kiss, Just Take It. Never Give A Hug, Ask 4 It. Never Ask Do U Love Me, First Say I Love U. Never Say I Cant Live Without U, Say I Live For U….
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