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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


46      “Son Was Crying, Dad Came And Asked:

Why Are u Crying? Tell me Im ur Frnd Na

Son:Kuch Nai Yaar.Chocolate Ziyada Maang Li, To Teri Wali Ne Mara Hai”

47      “Chintu:

 Papa Whats the Difference Between Mothers Tears & Wifes Tears?

Father: Mothers tears Affect your HEART, And Wifes Tears Affect your


48      “They

 Can see a Hair of a Girl on their Husbands Coat From 20 meters, But

cant See a Pillar From 2 Meters, While Parking a Car.”

49      “apa:

 Which of us u like more Mama or Papa? Kid: Both Papa: No tell me 1?


Kid: Both Papa: If i go to America & ur Mother go to Paris Whr ˜ll u

 go? Kid: Paris Papa: This mean u like ur Mother? Kid: No¦ Paris is

cialis buy online Beautiful then America Papa: [¦]”

50      “A

 Sweet Demand By a Kid, He was Beaten Up by his Mom, Dad Asked What

Happened Son, Kid Asked: I cant Adjust With Your Wife Anymore, I Want My

 Own. “

51      “A

 mother and son were washing dishes while the father and daughter were

watching TV in the room. Suddenly, there was a crash of breaking dishes,

 then complete silence. The girl looked at her father and said: It was

Mom. Father: How do you know? Girl: She didnt say anything. “

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