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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


3        “Boy and a girl loved each other but their parents refused for their marriage.

 They decided to go for court marriage.

 When the girl had to sign, she saw a poster hanging on the wall which forced Her to change her decision.

The poster had a picture of a baby girl and the caption written under it was,


This small caption had a big meaning.

 So never ditch ur parents bcoz if u cant be faithful to ur parents who

loved u, cared for u, brought u up for so many yrs, how can u be


faithful to the man who has just been with u for a few months or yrs.”

4        “When I cam home in the rain?

 Brother asked why didnt u take an umbrella?

 Sister advised why didnt you wait till rain stopped?

 Father angrily warned, only after getting cold, you will realize?

But Mother¦?

 While drying my hair said:

 Stupid rain!

 Couldnt it wait, Till my child came home?

 Thats Mother..”

5        “Never apply any terms and conditions in your

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