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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


And Why You Shoot to Your Wife?

Husband: Your Honor,

Its Easier Once To a Shoot The Woman,

Because One Man Shooting Then Every Week.”

17      “Husband to a Newly Wed Wife!

I Could Go To The Any Place For You,

Wife:Thanks,but Promise Me,

You will Stay There For The Long time.”

18      “Great Message of The Year:-

A Women Live a Better,

Longer & Peaceful Life..!!

Why? Very Simple¦

A Woman Does Not a Wife..!!!”

19      ” Wife: Yesterday-Night I Saw a Dream


That u Were Sending Me

Jewelry and Clothes!

Husband: Yeah, I Also Saw

ur Dad Are Paying The Bill !!!

20      “Bhikhari : Andhe Ko Kuchh Paise Dedo Sundri

Patni Pati Se : Dekha Isne Muje Sundri Kaha

Pati : Isne Tume Sundri Kaha¦?

To To Ye Jaroor Andha Hoga¦.”

21      “All Husbands are Like Bluetooth¦.

Always Connected When Wife is Around¦

But, The One Moment Wife Is Away,

Then They Automatically Start,

Searching For The New Devices..!!”

22      “The Most Beautiful and Best Thing

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