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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


Wife and Husband Relation in The World

Cannot Be Seen or Even Touched

– They Must Be Felt With The Heart.”

23      “Want To Surprise Your Girlfriend?

Introduce Her To Your Wife

And if You Want Surprise

You Make Met her your Wife”

24      “Position of a Husband :

Is Just Like a Split AC¦

No Matter How Loud

He is Outdoor,

He is Specially Designed ,

to Remain Silent Indoor!!!”

25      “Husband: can you be moon of my life?

Wife: Ohhhh Yes sweetheart..!







Husband: Great! Then¦.

Stay 9,955,887.6 kms Away From Me..!!”

26      ”   :)Wife : Look A Thief Has Entered

Our Kitchen And He Is Eating

The Cake Prepared By Me

Husband: Whom should I Call

Now Police Or Ambulance¦?:)  “

27      “Short Poem for Cute Wife,

She is The Apple of My Eye,

The Reason That in Live,

I Wish She is That,

Give My Heart to Her.”

28      “Dont Laugh at Your Wifes Choices..

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