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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


You Are One of Them..!!

And Dont Angry With Your Wifes¦

Because It Your Choice¦”

29      “Marriage are Like Terms & conditions

of a Website, You Never Understand

What Wife Says But You Always Accept!”

30      “# The Final Definition of Marriage:

# The Marriage is,

# In Which One is Always True¦

# And Second One is Always Husband..”

31      “Why Do We All Marry?

Because Romance is Not The Only Element of Life.

We Should Known Also Irony And Terror, of LIFE.”


32      “Three significant Stages Of Life¦

Before Marriage- ˜MAD For Each Other

During Marriage- MADE For Other

After Marriage- MAD Because Of Each Other..!”

33      “husband : i Want divorce to my wife

Judge : why¦?

Husband : because My wife

did not speak to me one year

Judge : oh¦Dont this mistake Again

Because Every wife cant have chance”

34      “Will I Marry With Love Failure Man,

Because ,

He Knows Only The Value of Love,


He can Only Give Me Real Love!!!”

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