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70 Best Love Sms For Your Family


T= The Only One Whos There

H= Hes My Hero Till The End

E= Encouraging In Everything I Do

R= Really The Only One¦No One Can Beat Him Hes The Best!!!”

42      “Sisters Is Probably The Most

Competitive Relationship Within

The Family, But Once The Sisters

Are Grown,

It Becomes The

Strongest Relationship.”

43      “A Kid Gets 0 Marks In Pape

Father Angrily Asks: What Is This……?


Kid Replies: Star Khattam Ho Gaye Thay To Teacher Ne Planet Dene Shroo Ker Diye…..:)”


HUSBAND:tu saali kutti..!!!

WIFE:tu saaala kutta…!!!!

their CHILD who was nearby said: MAIN SAAALA PUPPY….!!!”

45      “GOLU Gifted A Card To His Father On His BirthDay With Quote On It



“”Phool To Bohat Hain Par Gulaab Jaisa Koi Nahi



Mere Baap to Bohat Hain Par Aap Jaisa Koi Nahi “”…:)”

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