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Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

  • The most effective way 2 remember ur wifes birthday is 2 forget it once.
  • Only true friends stand by u during bad times. I promise I will attend ur wedding.
  • A Tiger was giving wedding party to his friends.. A Cat came there and danced. Tiger asked who r u ? Cat said: I was also a Tiger before my marriage¦¦
  • Telling a lie is Fault 4 a little boy an Art 4 a lover an Accomplishment 4 a bachelor and a Matter of survival 4 a married man
  • One day a man inserted an advertisement in the local classifieds: Wife wanted. Next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: You can have mine.
  • I LOVE U Are Words Just Three, Which Mean So Much On Our ANNIVERSARY. So, This Is What I Want To Say, Live In My Heart N There 4 Ever Stay¦ Happy Married life dear.
  • 2 keep ur marriage brimming With love in the marriage cup, Whenever you r wrong, admit it, Whenever youre right, shut up.
  • Intelligent man + intelligent girl = Friendship. Duffer man + intelligent girl=Love. Intelligent man+ duffer girl=Dates. Duffer man+ duffer girl= Love marriage

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