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Best Silly Love Quotes For You

  1. The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post.
  2. Man loves little and often. Woman much and rarely.
  3. One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry..Cute Silly Quotes
    For the love of God, folks, don’t do this at home.
  4. If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?
    There’s a certain part of the contented majority who love anybody who is worth a billion dollars….. Cute Silly Quotes
  5. It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.
  6. I’m tired of love; I’m still more tired of rhyme; but money gives me pleasure all the time.
  7. It is easier to be a lover than a husband for the simple reason that it is more difficult to be witty every day than to say pretty things from time to time….. Cute Silly Quotes
  8. The bravest thing that men do is love women.
  9. Love is blind — marriage is the eye-opener.

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  1. I love making friends…. it’s people I can’t stand.
  2. Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing.
  3. To be in love is merely to be in a state of perpetual anesthesia – to mistake an ordinary young woman for a goddess. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  4. Love is the gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everyone else.
  5. The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post. —– Cute Silly Quotes
  6. The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  7. To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. ………. Cute Silly Quotes
  8. I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cut-throat, competitive world in which I spent my life.
  9. Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.
  10. Don’t let love interfere with your appetite. It never does with mine. …….Cute Silly Quotes
  11. Love is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless you can afford it. – Cute and Silly Love Quotes
  12. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.
  13. Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. (Charlie Brown)
  14. Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, “Where have I gone wrong?” Then a voice says to me, “This is going to take more than one night.”
  15. What the world really needs is more love and less paper work. ……..Cute Silly Quotes
  16. Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock.
  17. Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret. ( Silly Love Quotes )

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  1. I don’t trust or love anyone. Because people are so creepy. Creepy creepy creeps. Creeping around. Creeping here and creeping there. Creeping everywhere. Crippity crappity creepies.
  2. Maturity is knowing when and where to be immature
  3. All of my friends and I are crazy.Thats what keeps us sane! ( Silly Love Quotes )
  4. if barbie is so popular….then y do u have 2 buy her friends?
  5. I intend to live forever- so far so good
  6. Some say the glass is half empty, Some say the glass is half full, I say “are you gonna drink that?”
  7. Iv got 2 sit down & work out where i stand!!!
  8. Wen u smile the world smiles with u.wen ur down people will rally behind u.but wen u fart u r alone coz people will never stand by u! ……Cute Silly Quotes
  9. people ask me if id pefer 2 go 2 hell or heaven i say hell coz its nice and warm down there
  10. Im a nobody.. nobodys perfect.. therefore IM PERFECT!!!
  11. I didnt kiss ur boyfriend! I told his lips a secret!! ( Silly Love Quotes ) ……..Cute Silly Quotes
  12. Always watch your step on an escalator. I once tripped and fell down the stairs for an hour and a half
  13. Years of education, solving tough problems, handling complex issues, yet we take a while standing before glass doors thinking whether to Push or Pull.

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  1. If you think sex is a big pain in the ass, try different position.
  2. If it tastes funny, don’t eat it. If it looks funny, call a doctor. If it is funny, it must have been something I said.
  3. Cuddling is cute and fun until kissing happens then well, shit gets real. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  4. If if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me and we can make fun of people together.
  5. The only thing worse than it raining after you wash your car… Is having to poop as soon as you get out of the shower……..Cute Silly Quotes
  6. If your life is all about screwing things and getting hammered, then congratulations, you’re a tool.
  7. I loved you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice!
  8. I used to like my neighbours, until they put a password on their Wi-Fi….Cute Silly Quotes
  9. Does anyone know the number to 911? ( Silly Love Quotes )
  10. Ever looked at your best friend and wonder: Why the hell aren’t we comedians?

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  1. I’ll act my age when I’m 69. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  2. I bet plants go like ‘Weeeeeeeee!’ whenever they’re swallowed by a giraffe…..Cute Silly Quotes
  3. Out of all the people I’ve ever met you are the one who makes me draw those silly little hearts on my papers.
  4. I am the kinda person that runs into a wall and apologizes.
  5. The strawberry shampoo doesnt taste as good as it smells……Cute Silly Quotes
  6. The sentence ‘The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog’ uses every letter in the alphabet.
  7. Trying to understand you is like trying to smell the color 9. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  8. When life knocks me down, instead of getting back up I usually just lie there and take a nap.
  9. If a red head guy works at a bakery, does that make him a ginger bread man?…….Cute Silly Quotes
  10. I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.
  11. I think the woman who invented the phrase ‘All Men Are The Same’ was a chinese woman who lost her husband in the crowd. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  12. I’m the type of person that will burst out laughing in dead silence over something that happened yesterday. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  13. Nothing is scarier than attempting the first fart after having diarrhea……Cute Silly Quotes
  14. Missed a call* Then you call back, but they don’t answer. What? Did they die within 5 seconds?

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  1. Hey baby wanna come over to myspace so I could twitter your yahoo till you google all over my facebook.
  2. Dear Crush, don’t be scared if a fat guy in a red suit snatches you away on Christmas Eve. Sincerely, You Were On My Wish List. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  3. Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate. Waiters gonna wait. Alligators gonna aligate…
  4. Whoever said nothing is impossible…Never tried to staple water to a tree…..Cute Silly Quotes
  5. I used to be legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit. But now I’m not legit. I’m unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit.
  6. I was wondering why cars got bigger as they got closer, then it hit me…
  7. I never leave a dog alone in a car on a hot day. I make sure it’s with an elderly person holding a baby.
  8. Going to Coachella tomorrow; I heard Tupac might stagedive………Cute Silly Quotes
  9. I love doing silly things in public and not caring because I’m with my best friends.
  10. Cops should yell ‘Pikachuuuu!!’ when they taze someone.
  11. Getting paid to sleep…Thats my dream job. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  12. I wish fire trucks and ambulances played, ‘Move bitch! Get out the way!’ instead of using sirens.Cute Silly Quotes
  13. What did the two ghosts say to each other? Hey boo… ( Silly Love Quotes )

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  1. I hate it when I forget to turn my swag off at night and I wake up covered in b*tches.
  2. Don’t ever forget the ‘L’ if you ever Google, ‘Grandfather Clock.’….Cute Silly Quotes
  3. Excuse me, here’s your nose…I found it in my business.  ( Silly Love Quotes )
  4. What did the Ocean say to the other Ocean?…Nothing they just Waved…Did you Sea what I did there?…I’m Shore you did!
  5. If you don’t have an iPhone I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 Emojis & you can’t see none.
  6. What does a nosey pepper do? Gets jalapeno business. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  7. There is no angry way to say ‘bubbles.’
  8. If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop………..Cute Silly Quotes
  9. Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.
  10. I have a friend named Jay. We call him J for short.
  11. I am one boob, you are the other boob and together? We are breast friends. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  12. Convincing my dog I really threw the ball is the closest I’ll ever get to being a magician.

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  1. I’m not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and the walls get in the way.
  2. Calories are just little tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.
  3. If you watch Jaws backwards; it’s actually a film about a shark that throws up so many people that they have to open a beach. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  4. What do you call a computer that can sing? A dell.
  5. When I see a bruised apple at the market, I give it a soft hug and whisper, ‘Who did this to you?’
  6. Anytime a bird takes a crap on my car, I eat an entire plate of scrambled eggs on my porch. Just to show the birds what I’m capable of. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  7. That awkward moment when you cant find your phone because your bed ate it.
  8. If you try to watch the movie Titanic backwards…it’s actually about a magical boat that saves people.
  9. I hate when I’m about to hug someone really sexy and then my face hits the mirror.
  10. Hey Millionaires: If you don’t have trampoline floors and a giant slide that goes from your bed to a pool, then give me your money. You’re wasting it… Cute Silly Quotes
  11. Dear ‘cool people’, they didn’t name a candy after you, did they? Sincerely, Nerds. ( Silly Love Quotes )
  12. I think my iPhone is broken. I pressed the home button and I’m still at school…

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