One love Lyrics

ADVERTISEMENTS Yeah alright, it’s kind a funny how life can change Can flip 180 in a matter of days Sometimes love works in mysterious ways One day you wake up, gone without a trace I refused to give up I refused to give in (Yeah) You’re my everything I don’t wanna give up I don’t wanna give in, oh so Everybody sing One love for the mother’s pride One love for the times we cried One love gotta stay alive I will survive One love for the city streets One…

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Tharki Chokro Lyrics from PK Movie Lyrics Video 

Tharki Chokro Song Lyrics From PK Movie Of Aamir Khan And Sanjay Dutt

This would be the best movie of the Aamir Khan (Mr perfectionist) because the coming trailer of this PK movie makes sense on every mind. Every person who watched the trailer of this movie thinks that how Aamir Khan can do this. As said before before by Aamir Khan in the interview “ this is the toughest role in my career so I think It would more entertain us as compared to other movies of Aamir Khan. Singer: Swaroop Khan Music: Ajay-Atul Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire Picturised on: Aamir Khan, Sanjay…

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