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When is Easter 2016? Key facts for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday


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The eggs are a symbol of new life, used as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. They can also be seen to represent Spring and celebrate rebirth and reinvigoration after the harshness of winter.
This is why we see lots of chicks, lambs and other cute animals – it reminds us of the continuation of life.
And commercially it’s a massive deal – retailers and manufacturers love to get in on the holiday and persuade us to part with our cash by buying Easter eggs, cards and anything depicting bunnies.


And the Easter bunny and hot cross buns?

Blame the Germans for the Easter bunny. Originally an ‘Easter hare’, a buck-toothed bringer of chocolate to the kids that have behaved themselves was first mentioned in German literature in 1682. The tradition stuck, and has led to the Easter bunnies you see on the shelves today as well as the expectation for a delivery of Easter eggs on the day.
Hot cross buns are also a traditional snack for this time of year.
Scoffed on Good Friday, they mark the end of Lent.
The cross on the top represents the crucifixion of Christ and the spices inside remind Christians of the spices put on his body.


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