Flirty Jokes


University exam mein WIFE per essay likhne ko kaha gya. 1 student ne sirf 1 hi sentence likha aur usey pure marks mile, She has a Problem for every Solution.

We have known each other for quite a while now, do u think we can b more than friends? bcoz i like u very much. will u b my partner to rob a bank.

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Boy: I went to your house so I don’t think so that i can marry with you. Girl: Did you meet my father that’s why you are saying this. Boy: No I met your sister that’s why. She is so beautiful.


Some Guys hold their Girlfriend’s hand in Malls Bcoz If they leave her hand.. She’ll go shopping, It looks ROMANTIC but actually its ECONOMIC.

Hi Good Morning! Arz hai, Chai ke cup se uthte dhuein mein teri shakl nazar aati hai, Tere khyalon mein kho kar aksar meri chai thandi ho jaati hai.

Dhoka mila jab pyar mein, Zindagi mein udasi cha gayi, Socha tha AAG LAGA denge is duniya ko, to Kambhakt colony mein dusri aa gai!!

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You smell like trash….. Can I take you out?

Wife: Kal aap ne Padosan ke saath moovi dekhi..? Husband: Kya kare.. Aaj kal ki movie Biwi Bachon ya family ke saath dekhne laayak kaha banti hai..?

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