Flirty Jokes


Aati hai teri yaad der tak aati hai, Jab tu aas paas se guzar jati hai, Main to roz nahta hoon, Tu kyon nahi nahati hai.

When words are not enough to express your Feelings Don’t think that you are in Love. It means that you need to improve your VOCABULARY ..!!

A Sweet Line Written on Hospital Board: If you Still want To see Beautiful Girls or Boys when After you Die, Then.. DONATE YOUR EYES..

The most POISONOUS BREAK-UP ever A Boyfriend threw 6 Cricket Balls at his Girlfriend! Girlfriend: What was that? Boy: IT’S OVER


1 Day boy was sitting with a Girl. 2nd Day with another Girl. 3rd Day with a different Girl Moral: Girls change but Boys never change.

Wife pointing at a couple next door says to her husband: Look at him he kisses her all the time, can’t u do that? Husband : I tried but she slapped me.

You smell like trash….. Can I take you out?

Some Guys hold their Girlfriends hand in Malls Bcoz If they leave her hand.. Shell go shopping, It looks ROMANTIC but actually its ECONOMIC.

Girl: Why do you always keep typing my name in ur statuses? Boy: Because facebook keeps asking me whats on my mind so i keep typing your name.

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