Funny Love Jokes


Millions of people write Love Letters. But everyone send their 1st love letter mostly to me, Just imagine how lucky I m! Great words Said by . ** DUST BIN **

A couple celebrates their 30th anniversary by re-walking their first walk together. They come to the fence against which they first made love. The husband says, Come on, for old time’s sake. The wife agrees and they both undress. Afterwards, the husband says, You’re even better than you were 30 years ago. His wife replies, That fence wasn’t electrified 30 years ago!

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Wife to Husband :- You don’t Love me at all. Husband points towards their 2 Children and says  then do u think I’ve downloaded these from Google?


I love photography because it’s the only hobby where i can shoot people and cut their heads off, without going to jail

Funny thing how you first meet the woman that you marry. I first met the wife in a tunnel of love. She was digging it.

Kaun kahta hai mohabat ek baar hoti hai.. main tujhe jitni baar dekhun mujhe utni baar hoti hai.

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Double heart attack message by a girl to a boy: 1st SMS: Let`s break up now, it`s all over. 2nd SMS: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! That was not for you.

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