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Flirty love Quotes are the best quotes for those people who like someone & wants to propose that person. I told you personally love is friendship without making friendship with her or him you can’t express your feeling with your partner. So Instead of direct proposing to your partner, you must build relationship as a friend. I know very well it takes time, but you should mind it that every thrill can spoil your heart feeling So don’t take any risk if you love some and don’t want to listen no. As he or she became friend with you then you know what he or she likes.

Now you have the opportunity to flirt because friends never minds and forgive each other if they feel bad. Here we have the top most flirty love quotes for you & now you can pick up from the list below.


Flirty quotes and sayings for whatsapp


  • It’s the second best thing to do with your lips.
  • You are just the man I need in my life. ( Flirty Quotes )
  • You can fall from the sky You can fall from a tree But the best way to fall Is in love with me.
  • how can i stop loving you if u cant stop being so hot.
  • What is love? Love is friendship. If you can’t be my best friend, then you can’t be my love
  • if loving you is a crime then i should hide from the cops coz am on death row if they ever tell me to stop. ( Flirty Quotes )
  • Your personality is electrifying as it also is like gravity It pulls me in ( Flirty Quotes )
  • Her kisses left something to be desired… the rest of her.
  • Only a vampire can love you forever, will you be my vampire? ( Flirty Quotes )
  • Love Quotes
  • The way you say my name is crazy, The way you tell your friends that i am your girl ,The way you look at me with your pretty blue eyes and your amazing white smile you make me think to my self is this a dream is he really mine you will always be mine forever i will never be able to leave you and if i ever did i would turn right back around and say i cant do this anymore this is impossible you have always been in my life and i am going to keep it that way you can change that about what you like about me but my heart will just be stuck on you for the rest of my. ( Flirty Quotes )
  • You seems like an oxygen to me,without you its hard for me to breath ( Flirty Quotes )
  • I think I got a fever, a fever of you. ( Flirty Quotes )
  • Do not walk in front of me i might not follow don’t walk in back of me i might not lead just walk beside me and be my partner. ( Flirty Quotes )

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