Love Jokes for Her


LuV is an illusion! Its a highly dependency disorder of weak hearted ppl… Ppl wid strong hearts believe in FLIRTING 😉

First Friend:Why Are Girls Are So Much Beautiful And Pretty? Second Friend:So We Can Fall In Love With Them. First Friend:Then Why They Don’t Have Intelligence? Second Friend:It’s Because They Can Fall In Love With Us

The best medicine for human is LOVE & CARE. Someone asked: What if it doesn’t work? He smiled and said: Increase the dose!

In aankho se sapne churaya na karo, Hamari dosti ko aap ajmaya na karo, aapke 1 sms pe 100 call kar du, Bas aap phone uthaya na karo.


love is like a forest where brave tigers are killed by the beautiful eyes of deers…

A physics student proposing a chemistry Girl:  I love u more than an electron wants to attract proton . . . …Girl : Oye Carbon monoxide, apna conical flask jaisa face le k foran yahan se reduce ho ja,is se pehle ki tujhe oxidise kar dun or tu reaction k qabil bhi na rahe,Kambakht Graphite ki aulad.

Many crushes nd flirts are better than one true love bcoz – monopoly is always damaging, and – competition improves efficiency! Pure economic theory of Love 😛

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