Nepal, Delhi, Bangladesh hit by powerful earthquake, tremors felt crosswise country


Quake High concentration quake on, April 25, hit Delhi as well as bordering regions actuating people to leave offices and dwellings and resulting in curb of metro services.

But, no loss of life or assets damage got reported in any segment of the national capital. As per a senior Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) representative, services were not debarred however were put on restrained mode by decelerating the pace of the metro trains, leading to a little postponement in the services.

“As a defensive measure we confined the services by slowing down the pace of the trains. Services are currently normal,” the spokesperson said.


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation stated that thus far they have not obtained any reports of harm or split in the metro line.

We will do examination to make sure if tremor caused any harm to the possessions, the executive said.

Delhi police and Fire department representatives also stated that they have not god any complaints of harm or death. As per a senior administrative representative, all emergency backing functionaries icomprising police force, civic delegacies, hospitals and fire brigade services have been on the alert.

Civil defense helpers have been on the alert and asked to do patrolling in their regions, the representative said. Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal asked the public to maintain peace.

Earthquake India hits many parts and regions

A potent magnitude-7.9 tremor hit Kathmandu before midday, resulting in widespread damage with toppled walls and distorted edifices, officials stated.

Moreover, a tremor today sparked fright crosswise Bangladesh with a few 40 workers reported hurt in a stampede while making attempts to run away from their working places.

Others regions in the list are Kolkata, NCR, Jaipur, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

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