Nikon Launches Latest Coolpix Cameras


Nikon In the recent past, Nikon has launched its Coolpix Spring Series 2015 range of compact cameras. There are 12 new models and that too in 38 variant colors to choose from. There are four different styles to choose from namely – Performance, Style, All Weather and Lifestyle respectively. The price starts from Rs. 4,990/- to Rs. 29,950/-.


According to the experts of Nikon the Coolpix P900 models have the highest zoom since it has an 83x digital zoom and a 166x dynamic fine zoom. This type of zoom helps the photographer in capturing even the smallest distant objects very easily. The S series of this latest range of Nikon cameras is supposed to be the world’s lightest design with a 16MP sensor and 20x optical zoom.

The L series meaning the lifestyle series is also a very powerful multifunctional camera which has 38x optical zoom and 76x dynamic zoom. Besides this it also has a NFC support with a built in Wi-Fi.

The All Weather Nikon camera is supposed to be a tough camera which can be used for external purposes. This is the best choice for the photographers who wish to take more of external photographs. The solid design helps the person to use it in land, water and any weather equally without any problems.

Nikon Managing Director, Mr. Hiroshi Takashina mentioned that he is very much happy to announce the Coolpix Nikon camera series – he mentioned that these cameras are the best and ideal for all occasions.

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