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Obama Got Back With Waren Lashes In Trade


Barack Obama Following the remark made by President Barack Obama on Elizabeth’s position on the trade, she has reacted bitterly to it and has fired back at the President, which has further led to the increased bitter division on the issue among the various democrates who are treating this as a serious implicit act.

The president is reported to state that Warren and other liberal critics who were on the wrong side of the debate, as seen by him were sweeping on the international trade, being on the administration’s position. Warren on the other had has argued that Obama’s policies would eventually hurt the workers of the United States and would only serve and be beneficial for the big business men of the United States. She happened to be backed by the labour unions and other progressive groups on the remarks that she made over president Obama’s allegations.


Warren is said to report on the social media platform, ‘twitter’ that she has acclaimed that if no worries should be given over the TPP, why is it that American people are not being entitled to read the deal. His remarks were seen as the direct attack against the handling of negotiations by the administration. It is also said to lack the transparency. While a lot is happing over the head, the administration argues that it has not made any deal public in order to protect the status of the various sensitive ongoing negotiations.

While Obama has also tried to procure the grant from the congress for the formation of the trade promotion authority, which would allow him to negotiate trade deals without all of them being amended in the congress. Warren also stands over her valid strings, she has doubled her criticism against Obama, constantly seeking the change and breaking the actual deal.

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