Wedding Jokes


A woman came to police: – Please, help. My husband is lost. Here is his photo and special peculiarities… When you find him, tell him that my mother decided not to come!

Husband- Ek writer ne likha hai ki Pati ko bhi ghar ke mamlo mein bolne ka haq hona chaahiye… Wife-Woh bechaara bhi dekho likh hi paya, Bol Nahi Saka.!

Girl To Her Boy Friend:Darling, Do You Know Handsome N Smart Boys Always Get Stupid Girl Friends.Boy: Thanks For The Compliment, Darling

A couple had a intense argument and were on their way to a country side. They passed by a herds of sheeps and pigs.. Husband asks the wife: They must be your relatives. Wife replies : YA ,my IN LAWS


Patni-Agar Me Mar Gayi To Aap Royenge Kya.? Pati-Pehle Tu Ye Bata Me Abhi Haas Raha Hu Kya..??

Bivi gusse me- dekh lena tumko narak me bhe jagah nahi milegi. Santa-Aree thik hai waise bhi mai har jagah tere sath aana bi nhi chahta

A bus full of housewives going on a picnic crashed with no survivors. Each husband cried for a week, but one husband continued for more than two weeks. When asked he replied miserably… My wife missed the bus

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