Wedding Jokes


Man : Is there any way for long life? Doctor : Get married. Man : Will it help? Doctor : No, but the thought of long life will never come =))

Nurse to patient with bleeding head: Your name? Patient: Santa. Nurse: Birthdate? Patient : 01 Feb Nurse : Married? Patient : No, car accident

Wife= agr me kho jau, to tum kya kroge husband=me nirmal baba ke pas jauga wife=baba se kya kahoge husband=baba kirpa aani suru ho gyi h

similarity between wife and popcorn,dono ko thoda sa jalao to munh fula lete hain.

Many people say that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. So, if that’s the case, I’d like to ask the husbands amongst you, does that mean it’s all downhill from here?


A beautiful slogan behind the car of a married man, Please do not disturb, I am already disturbed..

Santa: Jab Shadiyan Swarg Me Tay Hoti Hain To Nark Me Kya Tay Hota Hai? Banta: Nark Me Shadi Ke Baad Ke Din Tay Hote Hain.

Y do Bride’s Parents need to pay Dowry in marriage.? CA STUDENT: Because Excise Duty on Production is payable at the time of Removal.

Wife:mujhe shadi se pehle q nhi btaya k tmhari phle hi RANI naam ki wife h Husband:mene shadi se pehle btaya to tha k me tmhe RANI ki trah rkhunga…

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