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So far, 44 States, or 88 percent of the States, have enacted laws providing that marriage shall consist of a union between a man and a woman. Only 75 percent of the States are required to approve a constitutional amendment.                Jack Kingston

When I talk about the importance of the institution of marriage, I think of the commitment and the significance of standing in front of those closest to you and promising fidelity to your partner ’til death do you part.’        Mark Udall ……. Wedding Quotes

I support allowing gay couples to marry because of – not in spite of – my values. And many of those values are the same ones deeply held by those who do not believe in gay marriage. Mark Udall …… happy wedding quotes

Marriage is a team effort. Both of us share that philosophy.        Nick Lachey

Sooner or later they are going to live in a New York City where gay marriage is not only legal, but it’s common and they don’t even notice.           Anthony Weiner

I’ve exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years. For the most part, these communications took place before my marriage, though some have sadly took place after. To be clear, I have never met any of these women or had physical relationships at any time.             Anthony Weiner ……. Wedding Quotes

There was no religious ceremony connected with marriage among us, while on the other hand the relation between man and woman was regarded as in itself mysterious and holy.           Charles Eastman …… happy wedding quotes


If I felt, in the event of a royal wedding, inspired to write about people coming together in marriage or civil partnership, I would just be grateful to have an idea for the poem. And if I didn’t, I’d ignore it.                Carol Ann Duffy ……. Wedding Quotes

But I wanted marriage for myself. I was not calculating about it. I wish I was more calculating.     Linda McCartney

I wasn’t looking for another marriage. I had been married before. He is a nice man – a geologist, an Ernest Hemingway type. But Paul and I married because of convention.   Linda McCartney

If it’s not working before you get married, marriage isn’t going to fix it.   Courtney Thorne Smith …… happy wedding quotes

I was a Christian. I didn’t want to have sex before marriage, I was a bit uptight and not very self-confident. I was a virgin until I was 26.     Jimmy Carr ……. Wedding Quotes

I think the Mother is gradually revealing itself to me and taking over. But it is not the Mother alone. It is the Mother and the Father, the male and the female, sort of gradually having their marriage.              Bede Griffiths

When a marriage culture fails, sexual desire no longer unites instead it fragments.           Maggie Gallagher

Same-sex marriage is not the future.      Maggie Gallagher

Europe, which gave us the idea of same-sex marriage, is a dying society, with birthrates 50 percent below replacement.                Maggie Gallagher

Since I’ve been in the U.S. I’ve lost the back of my heart, 15 ft. of intestine and my marriage – and God, I miss my intestine.                Nigel Lythgoe ……. Wedding Quotes

Yes, the marriage proposal was shot. Michael excluded the dialogue from the final edit.                Madeleine Stowe ……. Wedding Quotes

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