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Let me first state that I believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman.         Judy Biggert

Second, marriage is an issue that our Founding Fathers wisely left to the states.                Judy Biggert ……. Wedding Quotes

In a broken marriage, it can be challenging and tough to get that work/life balance. I love performing but I also love being a mum, and I hate having to choose between them.          Toni Braxton ……. Wedding Quotes

I had a happy marriage and a nice wife. I accomplished everything you can. What more can you want?   Max Schmeling

I went through a long period of time in that marriage when I didn’t believe anything was my fault. I had to face what my part was, and only because of that difficult work was I able to trust a man again.               Connie Sellecca

I do not support a constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage.  Corrine Brown

Marriage has historically been in the domain of the States to regulate.   Corrine Brown ……. Wedding Quotes

I’ve always believed the two best anti-poverty programs are work and marriage.              Jim Talent

The old welfare system was hurting people by discouraging work and marriage. Welfare reform, and now this legislation, will build on the understanding that work and strong families are the foundation upon which we build our future.            Jim Talent

I think that marriage is an amazing institution and should be preserved, and you can have great marriages, and you must because sharing your life with someone is like the greatest thing. And I loved being able to set a good example for that on television.           Jenna Elfman


I think I’m a combination of very simple pleasures and the fact I’ve read a lot of books. I don’t think it’s a binary opposition across the board in humans and I think I’m an example that it’s not. I’m hosting gay marriage rallies and I have tons of guns at home. There’s a lot of middle ground in the world and I’m one of those people.           Dax Shepard ……. Wedding Quotes

Men act out like they’re horrified by marriage, but when they find the woman of their dreams, they love it.        Rachel Hunter

Marriage may often be a stormy lake, but celibacy is almost always a muddy horse pond.             Thomas Love Peacock

I feel strongly for gay marriage to be accepted.  Bernadette Peters ……. Wedding Quotes

Next month, I will celebrate my 30th anniversary of marriage with my beautiful bride, Vicki. Our marriage has been a blessing. I have gained even more respect for the institution over the past 3 decades and will defend it against attack.                Todd Tiahrt

I listen to the people. That was a big reason for my life, maybe the main reason, I’m singing because I love it when people say to me, ‘Thank you.’ I thank them. It’s a marriage.       Julio Iglesias ……. Wedding Quotes

I mean, for all of his faults and the troubles in his marriage, Bill Clinton is still married to a girl he met in the library 25 years ago at school. Can we say that about many of our other leaders today in America, including on the right wing?   Paul Begala

Today, I will vote in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment. I shall do so because like President Bush, I strongly believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Nick Lampson

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