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There were times after my marriage ended where, you know, I really felt like I was at the bottom of a mountain, there was a great big, fog up there, and I’m never going to cross to the other side.                Lynn Redgrave …… happy wedding quotes

I don’t want marriage. You know why? Because I did that. I did it for 32 years.     Lynn Redgrave ……. Wedding Quotes

Marriage is the mother of the world. It preserves kingdoms, and fills cities and churches, and heaven itself.        Jeremy Taylor

I support gay marriage. I support gay marriage because I believe Conservatives support the institutions of commitment.                George Osborne …… happy wedding quotes

The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults.           Peter De Vries ……. Wedding Quotes

It is statistically proven that the strongest institution that guarantees procreation and continuity of the generations is marriage between one man and one woman. We don’t want genocide. We don’t want to destroy the sacred institution of marriage.             Alveda King

People need jobs, people need happy and successful lives there should be marriage between one man and one woman, there should the value of person from conception until natural death.   Alveda King

I’m always told that what I say is controversial. Why is it controversial? Because I speak from a tradition that has now fallen out of favor with the dominant media in this country. And so when I say things like marriage should be between one man and one woman, I’m called a bigot.          Rick Santorum ……. Wedding Quotes

Marriage can be expensive, and if I lose millions then it’ll be the best millions I’ve spent.               Seth Rogen


I don’t do marriage. I think it’s incredibly naff. And I don’t like vulgar displays of ostentation.        Jenny Eclair

The biggest problem in my life is trying to be the kind of man that I want to be, the father that I want to be, and how to process the failure of my marriage.         Ethan Hawke …… happy wedding quotes

The secret of a good marriage is forgiving your partner for marrying you in the first place.             Sacha Guitry ……. Wedding Quotes

Marriage to Fernando offered shelter and security, but the shackle was the price I’d pay.             Esther Williams

I had a very wise person tell me that he thinks marriage, when you’re younger, you keep thinking you can fix things. That’s what people do. And you can’t really fix anything. It shouldn’t be a massive difficult thing every day. Life’s difficult enough.                Albert Brooks …… happy wedding quotes

Same-sex marriage would eliminate entirely in law the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child. It would create a society which deliberately chooses to deprive a child of either a mother or a father.        Keith O’Brien

Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once.               Eva Gabor ……. Wedding Quotes

I’ve often thought if I didn’t make my marriage work, I would have failed at my one true shot at happiness.         Bethenny Frankel …… happy wedding quotes

You have to work for everything. Marriage should not be any different.                Bethenny Frankel

Marriage is something that needs to be worked on every day. I don’t know if I’m the one to give marital advice since I’ve only been married for a little over a year, but marriage is certainly easier if you are open, trusting and loving.      Emily Blunt ……. Wedding Quotes

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