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We at Just Get Ideas inviting all of the enthusiast, Professional, technical writer  to write for us and build your authority  over the internet or with the audience for a particular topic or niche. At Just Get Ideas, Guest Bloggers, article writer, journalist, reporter, media reporter can explore you by introducing their communication skills and creative and professional writing styles.  We would love to hear your voice for writing for us.  We are growing and also want to help the beginner, newcomer writer, and bloggers who want to make a career in article writing, journalism etc publishing media. Your initiative could help us to compete in this online world with your extraordinary writing skills.

This is great opportunity for you to become an expert on the particular topic by just write for us. We have some Categories like celebrities news, recipes, Food hack, tattoos, health, love, Technology, and Drones or UAVs in which we preferred to post content continuously.

Guest post on niche celebrity’s news, recipes, Food hack, tattoos, health, love, Technology, and Drones or UAVs would be at a priority level.

If you are drone flyer, drone pilot drone hobbyist, drone enthusiast, crazy for drone racing and wants to share your drones experience with the new world to let them know about your amazing product. Just shoot a video and write about it and send us now to post at just get ideas

Just Get Ideas welcome to all Guest bloggers, Guest writer, journalist, reporter and article writer who loves to write about technology Drones or UAVs trending news and offer platform to share your reviews.

What type of content do we want to publish on our website?


We preferred personalized content that our audience will understand with ease what we want to say in our Guest post article. You could include authority site reference in your guest post. We accept from to include at least 2 or quality images with alt tags to boost to your content. An article like “top 7, top 20 and best article” of the week with the introduction is also best for us.

At Just Get ideas, we offering you lots of opportunities to become the professional writer by writing us is good for you but we have some standard or requirement that you have to overcome to publish your guest post.  Below are the some guidelines to write for us

  • Guest post must be unique.
  • Guest post should be seo friendly means “adjust your targeted keyword within your guest post accordingly”.
  • Guest post should be personalized like” I read this, I recommend you, you can do this and recently I shared this etc”.
  • A guest post should be more than 400 words with subheadings.

As we have given the authority to write on any topic we also have the recommendation for our website. Those guest blogger will write an article for our choice will have the higher priority to post your article but care about our requirements about the article.

Add Meta title and Meta description for your guest post to rank better on big search engines.

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